Lessons & Training with Haley Swift

Lessons that create a relationship

Working with horse and rider as a team allows me to create relationships that are capable of working through any task or new activity. Learning to confidently guide your partner will allow you to approach new activities with ease. 

Training for the Trail

I focus on desensitization and repetitive training that can prepare your horse to handle new situations with confidence and ease. Introducing horses to new desensitization scenarios often helps prepare them for anything they may encounter. They learn to trust their rider.

Road Blocks

All horseman occasionally ​run across an issue that requires the assistance of another horseman that has experienced the same issue. Whether it be issues loading, river crossing, or respect I have experience that will allow me to help guide you and your horse through the conflict. 

Contact Haley

Email: hswifthorsemanship@gmail.com

Phone: 706-318-1367